Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa wants to know what's on your list!

Hellooooooo.....Anyone out there? I am working full-time and preparing (as you no doubt are) for the holidays and would love to post amazing suggestions for you but am looking for topic suggestions...Please help!!! What are YOU looking for? Grocery deals? Great inexpensive ways to entertain? Amazingly easy, inexpensive recipes? Fun, cheap ways to entertain your family during the holidays? I will search out ideas and post them, but I need to know how to meet your info needs!
Please post comments or e-mail your requests to me at Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gifts that will make a "Cool Yule"!!!!

Ok, so I admit it...I am a sucker for nostalgic gifts...If you are looking for a gift to evoke memories of Christmases past, check out The Vermont Country Store at (or call 1-802-776-5710). You will find board games from your childhood, perfume scents you thought had long since faded away, toys for kids of all ages that will bring back memories! It was truly a walk down "Memory Lane" going through their catalog...Check it out! (and the prices are reasonable too!)....
HO HO HO!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kids' Wardrobe for $13? Check this out!

A recent issue of "Redbook" magazine suggests checking out, a site that allows parents exchange boxes of good quality clothes for hand-me-downs from another family. Via the site you can arrange home pickup and delivery...all you pay is shipping (about $13/box)!

This sounds even more efficient than consignment shops...anyone tried it yet? Please let us know (my kids are beyond this age-wise, but wish it had been available years ago!).

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mending SOS

A few hints from "Good Housekeeping" (10/10) magazine to keep things in "one piece!"

* Keep dental floss on hand for sewing buttons - much stronger than thread and you can get the right shade using a permanent marker!

* Save hotel sewing kits that you get in your bathroom accessories for quick mending at home or on the road.

* Use emery boards to buff stains from suede items in your wardrobe (is suede even still an "in" material?)

* Utilize garment tape or craft glue to quickly repair hems, accessories or broken shoe least as a temporary solution!

Any other suggestions from our road warriors? Please share!