Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So this post may be viewed as shameless, but then I admit that I have no shame!
JCPenney consistently has sent out mailers (and newspaper inserts)providing coupons that boast $10 off any purchase of $10 or more...Yes, I admit it...I take my coupon, buy items off the 75-80% off rack and pay sales tax, walking away with a nearly free item...shame on me (???) or not (!!!!). My daughter actually took one of these coupons into Penney's...found a dress (not tagged...oops!) on the 80% off rack and got it for $2.36 (+/-) and couldn't even use the coupon because she didn't spend enough! That is my kind of shopping trip...a $50 little black dress (and ladies, you all want one!) for next to nothing! I am so proud! :D

Help...I am in need of input!!!!!

I know, I know...I've requested ideas at least 5 times (or more?) since I began this blog, but since I am diligently trying to meet your needs as "penny pinchers" it would be very helpful to know what topics most interest you! Coupons? Saving money on entertainment? Ways to shop for gifts/clothing/etc. for less? How to get a good deal on a major purchase? You name it, I will research it and cover it, but PLEASE let me know what you'd like me to cover! Many thanks in advance (and if you don't make suggestions, don't blame me if I seem boring...heh heh!)...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Adopting a furry friend for life...

Some time ago I mentioned how you could help rescue dogs via the "Save A Dog" application on FaceBook...I must admit (and if you read my blog regularly, given my dog adoption history you will understand!) that having "virtually fostered" Wayland, a now 9 year old basset, that "virtual" is not an adequate solution. You still become attached (and not just virtually) to these pups! My son, James, and I drove 7 hours to LA and back the same day to bring my virtual pup home with us 2 weeks ago...Wayland is settling in nicely...don't ever doubt what love and contentment an adopted pet can bring to your home! Special thanks and a "shout out" to "Beagles & Buddies" in El Monte, CA!!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

P&G Savings...go for it!

OK...check this P&G link out for some great savings (and, yes, I realize I am extremely delinquent in my posts, but, hey, a girl (and I use that term VERY loosely!) needs to earn a living!):


Cut and paste the web address and get your savings now!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Apple bobbing (or should I say dipping?)

My regular readers know that I begrudgingly admire Martha Stewart (though secretly I think she's a bit over the top...really...matching towels? homemade everything? her own paint colours?? Like women don't have enough to do without being domestic goddesses from the 1950's??!!!)

Personal grudges aside, her most recent magazine issue had a great idea fit for parties, holidays (especially in the Fall) or simply for kids' snacks. Hollow out McIntosh apples, brush the inside with lemon juice and fill with honey (or, might I suggest Martha, carmel, chocolate, yogurt or peanut butter?) and dip other fruit (yes, apple slices included!), graham crackers (my idea!), etc. for a unique snack! And also consider an idea I found while looking for the right picture for today's post...hollowing out apples to use to serve cider (don't forget the cinnamon sticks!)

From one dip to another...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Smile and help kids too!

Trident gum is supporting Smiles Across America...help give 250,000 underprivileged kids get dental care by buying Trident! Get your coupon today at facebook.com/tridentgum

Monday, August 2, 2010

School supplies...how low can you go?!

Back-to-school time is fast approaching...whether or not you have kids, you may want to consider donating school supplies to help keep education afloat in your community.
A local columnist (thanks to Joanna Allhands of the AZ Republic!) issued a $10 challenge for buying school supplies! Take $10 to shop with and check out all of the Sunday paper circulars, coupons, etc. and see how far you could stretch it when purchasing school supplies. Joanna says she went a bit overboard this year, but only spent $15 and purchased the following:

24 pencils
4 big pink erasers
10 glue sticks
48 crayons
40 markers
48 colored pencils
10 red-ink pens
10 black-ink pens
4 rulers
16 one-subject wide-rule notebooks

Just think how this can help your local schools!