Saturday, November 21, 2009

It just makes "cents"!

So here's a rather sweet deal for the holidays! If you are not familiar with Coinstar, you probably just haven't paid attention to it...they have bright green kiosks/machines everywhere, most likely in your favorite grocery store. You pour in your loose change and it gives you several options - 1) a receipt for cash (they do charge about 8.5 cents on the dollar for the convenience of the service) that you cash in at the store's service desk; 2) you can donate the $ to charity (hit button for selection) or 3) you can get a gift card...

Ah yes, behind door (option #) 3 is the big deal for now! If you opt for a gift card, Coinstar will add $10 to it when you cash in $40 worth of coins. There's a nice little addition to your holiday purchasing!

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