Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beware the Grinch!

I am generally a trusting soul...I believe that most people and organizations are well-meaning. But beware the Grinch, my friends! A (to be unnamed) company I made a purchase from 2 years (yes, that reads TWO YEARS) ago, suddenly opted to renew my membership without my permission and I was unpleasantly surprised by a $79 charge to my checking account!!!! I called, they apologized, they promised an email confirming my refund...OOPS! That never happened...my bank (thank you Bank of America!!!!) handled getting my $$$ for me but then the product I never ordered was delivered...returning it has been a nightmare - I am STILL trying! The moral of this Christmas tale is keep a sharp eye on your bank transactions (I check mine daily online) and call if you see something unusual!

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