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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quick organizers!

I am on a roll with trying to organize our kid has moved out (way Japan!) and the other is half way out the door at 19! Too much house and too much stuff - so I am sharing any odds and ends I find along the way.

Per a recent issue of Redbook magazine, here are a couple of easy organization ideas -

Spray paint and old cookie sheet and then place stones (from the beach, a craft store, etc.) to cover the sheet. Use it as a shoe/boot dryer - ok, so here in AZ this isn't practical, but it will be in lots of other regions!

For craft fanatics or those who are "gifted" with wrapping (get it?!) use a pants hanger to hang and group spools of ribbon by color, shade, width...(very crafty, huh?).

More ideas as Spring approaches! Please share yours with us!

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