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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Picture perfect!

I ran across a few things on the PCWorld website that look like fun. I'll cover the first today and then save the other for a "oops, I forgot to blog" moment!

Visit to see how you can create custom artwork and designs...all kinds of cool things to post on your social networking profiles, use in making invitations, etc.

It offers four categories:

- Sketchpad - assemble a collection of images and symbols and add photos, text, change colors, etc.

- Poetry Blender - overlay text, symbols and/or photos on animated backgrounds.

- Word Mosaic - turn your text into a mosaic of any symbol/shape (i.e. your initials!).

- ImageChef - get cute photo frames and re-size your photos in them for use elsewhere!

Best of all this is free and you get even more capabilities with your free site registration!

I may test this on the blog!

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