Sunday, July 18, 2010

The New Age Buddy System

I often bemoan the fact that today's kids (yes, mine are at the top of the list), have "electronic" friends rather than deep, lasting friendships. Texting has become their primary means of communication and if that fails, FaceBook is soooooo much more personal! OK, so I do use FaceBook, but at my age it's more to reconnect with friends I met along the way before texting and e-mail were even a glint in some engineer's eye!

Along these lines I present what may be the cheesiest idea yet! There is a site that matches women up with "gal pals" to "expand their social circle"... matches you up with women with similar interests (only $30 for a 6-month membership)...I stand corrected, I guess money and technology can buy friendships! Yikes! Your thoughts on this?

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