Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Apple bobbing (or should I say dipping?)

My regular readers know that I begrudgingly admire Martha Stewart (though secretly I think she's a bit over the top...really...matching towels? homemade everything? her own paint colours?? Like women don't have enough to do without being domestic goddesses from the 1950's??!!!)

Personal grudges aside, her most recent magazine issue had a great idea fit for parties, holidays (especially in the Fall) or simply for kids' snacks. Hollow out McIntosh apples, brush the inside with lemon juice and fill with honey (or, might I suggest Martha, carmel, chocolate, yogurt or peanut butter?) and dip other fruit (yes, apple slices included!), graham crackers (my idea!), etc. for a unique snack! And also consider an idea I found while looking for the right picture for today's post...hollowing out apples to use to serve cider (don't forget the cinnamon sticks!)

From one dip to another...