Monday, August 2, 2010

School low can you go?!

Back-to-school time is fast approaching...whether or not you have kids, you may want to consider donating school supplies to help keep education afloat in your community.
A local columnist (thanks to Joanna Allhands of the AZ Republic!) issued a $10 challenge for buying school supplies! Take $10 to shop with and check out all of the Sunday paper circulars, coupons, etc. and see how far you could stretch it when purchasing school supplies. Joanna says she went a bit overboard this year, but only spent $15 and purchased the following:

24 pencils
4 big pink erasers
10 glue sticks
48 crayons
40 markers
48 colored pencils
10 red-ink pens
10 black-ink pens
4 rulers
16 one-subject wide-rule notebooks

Just think how this can help your local schools!

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