Tuesday, August 2, 2011

To drive or not to drive...the dilemma of high gas prices!

I'm one of the lucky ones...I work for a consulting firm and my office is upstairs (HQ is in Florida). Yes, it's a tough commute...I drag myself and my coffee (extra strong, no cream) up a flight of stairs into my own office. While dress codes are lacking, so are the gas costs associated with hitting the highway!

"All You" magazine (7/22/11 issue) suggested ways to prevent the cost of gas from dragging you down:

* Keep your car in tune (tire pressure, oil changes, clean air filters) to get better gas mileage.

* Using cruise control helps you stay under the speed limit on the highway and improves gas mileage!

* Plan gas fill-ups ahead of time whether in-town or on vacation - checking sites like gasprices.mapquest.com to compare costs and fit the fuel stop into your schedule while getting the best price.

*Don't turn up the air-conditioning as soon as you sit down! Roll the windows down for awhile first and save the air for the highways...sounds strange, but at lower speeds it works fine and then at high speeds open windows actually cause wind drag and more fuel use than the air-conditioning does. (I know...that's a new one for me too!)

*Clean your car's fuel intake system with a product like STP gas treatment - it's cheap and will help your mileage.

It seems like a lot to remember, but it can save you money in the long run! Any tips from readers?

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