Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Decorate and party at the same time!

OK, so we are a little late in the season with this one, but still a fun idea and I'll offer another twist at the end as well!

Why not host a holiday decorating party (now my source was suggesting Christmas, but there are plenty of options during this season). First, set up a small artificial tree and ask guests to bring an ornaments that they feel define themselves. You serve beverages and flavored popcorns and they decorate the tree. What a nice way to remember friends each year!

Now for the twist - have friends come by each with an appetizer for a party - you provide beverages and cut-out cookies with all the decorating goodies - sprinkles, frosting, etc. and everyone leaves with a few cookies and fond memories. (This is also great for a kids' holiday gathering).

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