Friday, December 23, 2011

Give the gift of gratitude

I came across the perfect post for this season at entitled "Five Ways to Show Gratitude." Here are counselor Richard Nicastro's recommendations to improve all of the relationships in your life:

  • Think small (don't wait for the new car or dream cruise; focus on the little things, your spouse's smile, a friend picking up a coffee for you...)

  • Choose to be grateful (for everything, not just for what you want - like being able to breathe fresh air...)

  • Feel appreciation before you express it (it means more if your words are authentic and heart-felt!)

  • Don't expect anything in return (be selfless!)

  • Avoid expressing gratitude when others are upset with you (resolve conflicts or issues before you say "thank you")

If everyone chose to do these things, wouldn't our world be a nicer place? Let's be the ones who start the trend!

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