Saturday, April 28, 2012

If you want not, then waste not!

The Oprah Magazine (3/12) offers some great ways to donate those items you find in your spring cleaning/foraging so that they find good uses/reuses!  Some of the ideas:

  • Donate gently used baby/toddler clothes your children have outgrown (sizes 0 to 12 months) via
  • Have old tape dispensers, dried-up pens or highligthers or even old 3-ring binders?  Check on to donate these for recycling into park bences, flowerpots and plastic lumber!
  • Drop of old towels and blankets at a local animal shelter to make comfy beds for animals housed in kennels with concrete floors.
  • Old and even broken mobile phones can be donated at to allow medical workers in 14 developing countries to text each other re: patients and treatments!
  • Don't need that old iPod or some old DVDs any longer?  Go to to find out how to ship these directly to U.S. soldiers stationed in Kuwait, Afghanistan or Africa.
  • Old baseball bats, balls, and gloves can be donated at for distributed to impoverished kids worldwide!
Know of any other donation websites or locations?  Let us know!

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