Saturday, August 8, 2009

Coupons, coupons...had enough yet?

I know, I know...yet another coupon site, but this one includes both regional and national deals and, as they trumpet in their ad, you can "choose from over 70,000 coupons" (and print them out too)! Have I done this yet? Nope...too busy telling you about it! But it is free, so it's a safe bet I will be trying (and reviewing? hmmm, stay tuned) it soon!


  1. OK...I need to be more careful in proofing my blog! As one reader pointed out...I tempt you with the goodies and then leave the website address off...I will dig back in my file an publish it again later this week...oops! :)

  2. Still diligently searching...I may have lost my paperwork for this one...remind me to do a post re: organization (cheaply of course)!