Tuesday, August 18, 2009


OK, so first of all, it is still technically Aug.18th so I haven't missed a day yet!
But I do have an excellent excuse for being late (and no, my dog didn't eat my computer!)...I have a horrendous toothache and get to spend Thurs. AM at the dentist...re: both the tooth and the bill, I repeat "Ouch!"

But this brought to mind a topic I haven't covered yet! Did you know that in many areas near universities with dental schools, you can get very low-cost dental treatments? If you are willing to let students work on you (well-supervised naturally!), the savings are amazing.

For sports physicals and minor ailments, check out the new onsite clinics as Walgreen's stores. You can drop in, get quick and inexpensive (well, relatively inexpensive) appointments and the pharmacy is two steps away!

And, while this isn't medical treatment, it does wonders for your spirits (or at least mine). If you are looking to cut costs on stylists, manicures or massages, then check-out local schools teaching these subjects as well! Students need to get real-life experience and you get to save some money!

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