Monday, September 14, 2009

Free Meal Planning Guide

Yes, I did say free! Enter the UPC codes from any 2 Ziploc brand products at: before 1/21/10, and you will receive a free online meal planning recipe guide. Planning ahead also cuts grocery costs because you know just what you need to buy!


  1. How can I put in my upc codes when i do not get to the site i need

  2. Let me check on that Mary! Sorry for any inconvenience!

  3. Mary - I have had difficulty inserting links into the blog (I will work that out, I promise!).
    But meanwhile, if you copy that web address and paste it in your browser it does go directly to the page on Ziploc's site where you can enter UPC codes. Not sure why it didn't work for you but try again or I can e-mail it directly to you if you provide an address. Thanks for reading!