Monday, September 7, 2009

Quadruple your grocery savings!

My favorite savings deal is back at Fry's/Fry's Marketplace here in Phoenix. For those of you located elsewhere, Fry's is affiliated with Kroger so check to see if this offer applies there!

Currently they will quadruple your coupons AND they will accept coupons from their major grocery competitors (here that is Basha's, Safeway, Fresh & Easy, Albertson's and Walmart). The cool thing is they will also accept the store coupons in addition to manufacturers' coupons for the same items...lots of savings that way. And I love the Fresh & Easy coupons that offer you $3 off a shopping trip...They will take as many of those at Fry's as you show up my case $12 alone was saved with 4 of those coupons.

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