Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Running late again?  Here is an amazing idea - "dry shampoo." (9/12) did a "road test" of over 75 variations of dry shampoo and selected their best bets.  These will "instantly refresh and revive your hairstyle and render the rushed shower unnecessary"  - ok, let me know if these work for you!  (FYI, the much earlier version of this was brushing talc powder through your hair - and, yes, it did work!)

My version would be for hair that needs help with body so I'm looking at Arrojo ReFinish if I read this correctly.  It runs $22, but that may not be bad for my travel needs since this won't be an everyday product for me.  If you have curly hair, you are in luck - they recommend Suave Professionals Waterless Foam Shampoo at only $3.40 at  Sigh...always wanted natural curl!

Check out the other options at (9/12).

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