Monday, April 20, 2009

Beauty is not just skin-deep, it's wallet-deep!

OK, so we have already established that I'm cheap (face it! "Penny-Pincher" is just a euphemism for "cheap" - HA!)

Given that I've been laid off 2x in the past year, I am Queen of Cheap! :)
I began, immediately following my last layoff, looking for quick income fixes and found it in selling Avon. I have to say: (a) I love the products - better deals and still the high quality I've grown used to from much pricier brands and (b)what a great company to work for...lots of positive reinforcement (you miss that in a lot in Corporate America!) and the product practically sells itself!

So...(ah... the shamelessness of begging for blog subscribers...tell me who you are and why you are reading this blog and I will hook you up with a discount deal on my Avon site at

Yep, no shame...I want readers and people to share my need to beat this economy! If you are interested, post a comment online with an email I can reach you at! Also, consider Avon as a second (or first?!) income...what a great opportunity this is for both men & women! Happy to discuss if you are interested! :)

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