Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fashion Swaps - Fun & Wardrobes on a Budget!

So many topics to cover and already I've shuffled my planned topics! But a great article in "The Arizona Republic" this morning set me on a different track. This Sunday, April 19th (11AM-4PM), "Swap-O-Rama-Rama" is coming to downtown Phoenix. Just $5 plus a bag of clean, used clothing, gets you in at the Trunk Space, 1506 NW Grand Ave. in Phoenix. You can pick clothes and, for the more adventurous of you, they will have sewing machines and DIY workshops to give your selections your own bit of fashion flair! Watch out "America's Next Top Model!" Check out the home page for this event and others across the nation!

While this particular event looks like great fun, you may not be into the public swap concept. I have heard about some fun swaps that are held at homes - like Tupperware or candle parties but the host/ess and guests bring out their used clothes, jewelry, shoes and accessories and over beverages and munchies (fancier if you prefer) swap wardrobe items. The "pros" of this are that you know who wore the item before, you do this in a fun atmosphere and it's easy to go try the items on. On the downside, you may not like showing up in your best friend's outfit when you are together after the party. And, the biggest issue can be with friends of varying can be a major faux pas having all but one or two of the guests in the same size range...someone may not be able to find something and their clothes may not be wanted by the others. You need to know in advance how you are going to handle this - if the size range is too variable, then concentrate on a swap of accessories and bags. The idea is to have fun and save money, not to alienate friends!

Happy swapping!

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  1. Brilliant - it might help if I post the website for the Swap O Rama Rama events!