Monday, April 20, 2009

We are now "Swap-O-Holics"!!!

I admit it...I am hooked! My daughter and I went to the Phoenix "Swap-O-Rama-Rama" at The Trunk Space on Sunday and it was great. We got there just as it was opening so stayed on to make sure we got to investigate more of the clothes added to the pile with new arrivals over the course of about 2 hours. We worked it from different perspectives...I am by no means a fashionista as my daughter will readily agree; I went looking for existing items in good condition in my size - ready-made with no creativity required. She, however, joined the more popular movement; picking out quirky items with great materials, fringes, and potential and then remaking them to fit what she saw as fashion statements! This from a girl who I doubt has ever even seen a sewing machine let alone used one!

The sponsor provided 7 sewing machines, a couple of irons and ironing boards and loads of trims, buttons, accessories...everything to recreate the items with a dash of your own personality. By the time we left, we both had two full bags of clothes and she had designed and sewn her own skirt and two scarves. Not a bad deal for only $5 each plus a bag of our own used clothing! (And to make the day even better we had a free breakfast at our local IKEA...the Penny Pincher's perfect day!)

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