Sunday, April 26, 2009

Savings one penny at a time!

Yes, I do realize that one penny doesn't amount to itself...But they do add up! I must, to my chagrine, admit that I will pick up change I find on the sidewalk, in a parking lot and from my washing machine (yes, I have no shame, if it was my kids' money, then that is the price they pay for laundry service!). My daughter and I took a trip to Paris a year ago (yes, the flight was on mileage points, the hotel on a bargain and meals on the cheap for the most part!) and our "play" money consisted in part of a bank we threw all of our spare change in.
Don't knock a couple of months we stashed away over $100 - picking it up wherever we found it or saving it from purchases. Every spare cent went into our travel fund and it was worth every penny!

I particularly enjoyed the bank we got for this purpose (and yes, it too was on sale!). It is one of those jar banks that tallies the amount of coins you put in...makes you feel like you really are accomplishing something! And, at the end of the savings period, we dropped the coins in the Coinstar machine at our local grocery store. While Coinstar charges a fee for adding up your life savings and spitting out a receipt you can cash in at the customer service desk, call me crazy, but I think it beats getting your hands filthy and trying to fit the coins in those miserable little paper coin rolls! (I am only cheap to a point!)

Happy trails (and savings)!

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