Sunday, September 11, 2011

Can't let 9/11 pass without an entry...

OK...normally I am all about donations, remembering to help others, being patriotic, etc...Bear with me if I don't do a heavy, monumental tribute to 9/11 - I tend to avoid watching the old newsreels, don't hide in my room to avoid another attack, and try to just treat it as another can't change what happened, but if you make it a huge holiday, you are simply prolonging the pain and adding to ongoing fears and hatred. I agree with those that say you should go out and help someone on 9/11, but do we really need to relive the day with the horrible sights and sounds? I was there - I saw both planes hit the Towers, I was lucky to be later for a meeting there! I saw people jumping, was unable to enter a building over two stories, couldn't call my friends or family to tell them I was ok though thousands were not, and then watched the towers someone but don't prolong the tragedy! Check out for volunteer opportunities and ideas!

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