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Monday, July 6, 2009

Dog Days of Summer?

So...with seven dogs (yeah, dumb I know, but they are loveable!)this is a topic close to my heart (and wallet!!!).

Some pet deal thoughts:

* If you are looking for a pet, check with a shelter or rescue group first. The pets need a good home and cost a LOT less and fees generally include spaying/neutering.

* Buy food in bulk at warehouse stores like Costco or Sam's Club or watch for deals/coupons particularly at Walmart and Target. While Science Diet and other well-known brands are considered better for cats and dogs, check with your vet and see if a cheaper brand or generic is ok for your particular pet. If they don't have allergies or significant diet problems, you may be able to go with the cheaper brand.

* Toys? Of course we spoil our pets, but trust the toys at the Dollar Store, Walgreen's or BigLots...somewhere they won't cost nearly as much and you won't be heartbroken when Fido loses the toy or destroys it one day later! And, if all else fails, rely on the old standbys: a Frisbee or a tennis ball!

* Pass on the pet beds and go with an old soft blanket (one of your own old ones or pick up one cheap at Goodwill.

* Check out local shelters or PetCo for discount vaccinations.

* For great deals on pet medications/prescriptions, visit:
I've used it and you can save quite a bit!

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