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Friday, July 10, 2009

Making Your Own Coffee...That's a Budget Wake-Up Call!

A lot of what I post here is based on personal experience and my own ideas. When I find them elsewhere, as with today's blog, I want to give credit where credit is due (oh, that's a good line on a budget blog!).

Yesterday I ran across a blog called "Dumb Little Man Tips For Life" which can be found at:

It provides money-saving tips, as well as ways to increase your productivity and maintain (?) your sanity! Here a a few ideas from that blog for saving money - bear with me if I've covered any of them before, but I think most are new suggestions:

* Make your own coffee...a big savings, especially for us Starbucks addicts!

* Be aware of your bank balance and avoid overdraft fees...boy, can I relate to this one...a few close calls lately on that!

*Disconnect your land line if you can survive with only your cellphone(s). This represents a substantial savings per month.

* Use a water filter at home to bottle water to take to work, school or play - much cheaper in the long run!

* Keep up with maintenance on your vehicles...check air in tires, change oil and use the fuel grade recommended in the owner's manual.

* Go to matinees if you must go see a movie at the theater! (ok - it's a no brainer, but still...) And save on the high cost of snacks by sneaking a few along in purse or pocket.

* Plan vacation ahead of can save a lot by booking in advance!

So...these are all over the place in terms of topics, but hope they are helpful!

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