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Monday, July 13, 2009

Leave the car behind!

And so begins another hectic week...! But if you don't already "go green" in your daily commute or running errands, consider the extra benefits to the following options:

* Ride a bike - it may take a bit longer, but you get the added "plus" of exercise!

* Carpool - what a great way to catch up with friends or colleagues while cutting your stress and gas budget!

* Use public transportation - You can read, enjoy some tunes or get ahead on some work before you hit the office!

* Finally, batch your errands - don't do a few here and there; wait and do them on one day or via the most efficient route to save time and gas! $, avoid wear and tear on your vehicle, help the environment, cut your stress, get exercise...all sounds good to me! Give it a try!

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