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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shop only as needed! (no, really!)

Alas...I am finding out I am not the only penny-pinching, cheap, budget guru (ah...make that goddess!) out there! That is a good thing as we never run out of suggestions for you! Another site that provides budget hints every Tuesday is "Zen Habits" - check it out at

In their 07/08 "Cheapskate Guide," they gave some other good hints that we haven't covered before. These three are only some of those listed in the "guide," but they are geared toward shopping, so thought I'd pick these to post:

* Adopt a minimalist wardrobe - go with plain, solid colors and items that go with more than one or two others. Mix and match is the way to play it and keep your wardrobe costs down.

* Beware of online impulse is way too easy to click and spend these days! Buy only if you really need the item and if it is the least expensive way of purchasing it. Also remember, the price listed doesn't include your tax or delivery charges!

* Don't go "window-shopping!" Only go to the mall or department store, etc. when you know what you need. Go and get only that item and then as entertainment can be costly!

Beware shopaholicism (is that a word?)!!!!

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