Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Savings Angel???? I don't think so...

OK...I am a sucker for all things cheap, easy, DIY, etc...but this one can't be serious!!! On a page of one of our "Clipper Magazines" was an ad that led off with "Cut your grocery bill. Guaranteed!" Intriguing, hmmm? So I checked it out and here's the "deal"!

The site is and its claims to "fame" are as follows:

1) It covers any area in the US - which means your local stores.
2) You can conduct unlimited searches on their database
3) They assign a shopping mentor ("angel") to personally assist you in cutting your grocery bill.
4) Referral program - refer your friends and when they join you get paid...

Wait a minute...back up there...yes the next line on point four in the ad reads: "Very easy to earn a free membership." HA!!!

For a mere (?) $19.95/month they promise to save you money! So, instead of clipping coupons and checking my flyers for my local deals (wow, that takes all of 30 minutes or so per week), I could pay $20 per month and then STILL HAVE TO LOOK THEM UP ON THE COMPUTER! Thanks, Angel, but I'll pass!


  1. I like the way they organize everything for me. I don't have to keep track of the hundreds of available coupons by myself. Worth it to me - BIG time!

  2. Yes, that would actually be a plus! Perhaps I spoke too soon! Thanks for the input!