Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Earn frequent flyer miles or hotel points without leaving home!

I know I've mentioned a number of ways to earn frequent flyer miles or hotel points without leaving your neighborhood or even your living room, but here is one that I'd forgotten about! (Fortunately, they sent me a reminder so I am back in the "game" again!).

Check out www.e-miles.com

They describe their service as "earning miles for your time" and while you may not be interested in many of the offers their advertisers put on the site, there are many that don't involve any cost to you and some, like the DirecTV deal that is a particularly good deal! To date I've earned 590 Hilton Honors points...not enough for a free night of course, but on top of my other Hilton earnings with stays, etc. it's a nice addition!


  1. There's probably a goog reason you forgot about E-Miles! A quick Google of "e-miles scam" yields a few pages of people complaining that the number of surveys and offers has dried up lately. E-Miles is more useful for getting enough of a trickle of miles to keep your real miles from expiring than for earning enough for a decent reward. For ways to earn real miles/points, check out some of the offers at http://www.rewardfreak.com or read some of the threads at http://www.flyertalk.com.