Monday, February 8, 2010

Oldies but still goodies!

So I read something the other day that you might be interested in. Apparently Target has a trade-in program for new and used electronic devices (i.e. iPods, iPhones, cameras, etc.) If I read it correctly you can also trade-in DVDs. The program, run through NextWorth, asks you some questions online about your device (such as its condition, functionality, etc.) and then gives you a net value. If you agree to accept their price, they send you a pre-paid shipping box, you turn in the device and once they evaluate it, they mail you a Target gift card in the agreed upon amount.

Bear in mind, given the rapid changes in technology and gadgets, the price cited may not be nearly what you are hoping for. It's sort of a "take it or leave it" deal!

But if you are interested, check out and see what your "oldies" are worth! Some other cites to try for iPod trade-ins:

Let us know if you have other recommendations!

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