Friday, February 5, 2010

Swimsuit season approaches (slowly, but it still approaches!)

Given that my biggest (no pun intended!) resolution for 2010 is to lose weight, I suppose it would be only appropriate to devote at least one post to weight loss and exercise on a budget...bear with me, I don't think I'm repeating any prior information, but sorry if I do (can't hurt anyway!).

One of my ever-favorite sites,, sums it up nicely: "The bottom line is that lack of money is never an excuse for not getting in shape."

Simply walking is your best and least expensive option...outside is perfect since you get exercise and fresh air. I'm trying to do longer and more regular walks with our dogs (we have a big yard so I've been able to weasel out of that a lot!)...once around our full circle of the subdivision is 2.5 miles. Granted, I live in Phoenix, but even short winter walks when it's not frigid can help (if such a day hits this winter where you are!). And if all else fails, go for an indoor walk at a mall...just don't stop for munchies!

I do have exercise DVDs and old videos along with a few light weights around the house, but to be honest, I just can't get moving with those...I actually got a great deal at LA Fitness and am back at the gym working out. But for those of you that are determined to exercise at home, also notes that Jack Lalanne (oldie but goodie at 95!) has put some of his vintage exercise programs on his website so you can watch them on your laptop and work out! (Admittedly, he's in good shape, but not sure I could do that with a straight face regardless!).

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