Monday, March 8, 2010

Blast from the Past

So I got to thinking today...if my great-grandmother were here today, what are the top 10 things that would shock her? OK...I need a life and, not being David Letterman, I do not feel the need to put these in any particular order. Feel free to add your own...just having fun today! (These would be HER me!)

#1 - iPods - do you ever REALLY plan to listen to everything you have on that thing? And does most of that stuff really qualify as real music?

#2 - TIVO - isn't it enough that you rot your brain with TV in the first place but then you want to save some just in case you run out of poor programming to watch? And, by the way, I do NOT think "The Bachelor," "The World's Biggest Loser," "Survivor," or "Judge Judy" constitute "shows" - more like exhibitionism! Some things are better not televised!

#3 - Condom Vending Machines - in the ladies' restroom? Are you KIDDING me? Ever hear of abstinence?

#4 - Spell-checking - Bad enough that kids can't learn to write in cursive because they are dependent on computers now, but can't they at least be forced to learn how to spell without an "autofix" for it? And don't even get me started on calculators being used in the classroom!

#5 - Cellphones - ok, so the convenience of being able to make a call from just about anywhere is appealing, but the whole texting thing is simply anti-social! No one talks anymore, they just text it and NO, emoticons do NOT count as adding some expression to the "conversation!"

#6 - E-mail - This has its place, but for heaven's sake, thank you notes, sympathy cards and birthday and holiday greetings should be handwritten and MAILED - at least make it look like you made a real effort!

#7 - Slice & bake cookies - Do I really need to go here? Come on, nothing beats homemade and these are even more expensive!

#8 - Starbuck's - (or any high-priced coffee places) - Do you really go there for the coffee or just to be seen carrying around their branded paper cup? What a waste! At least at Denny's you get a free refill or at home you can make a whole pot!

#9 - The Smart Car - is it really? Wouldn't a semi-truck or SUV finish it off in a fender-bender?

#10 - The Disney Channel - what happened to the Mouseketeers? Some of the stuff they are showing doesn't seem to be kid-appropriate any more...but then, hey, the kids don't always seem appropriate these days either!

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