Monday, March 29, 2010

Freebies can be beautiful!

Did you know that there are amazing FREE beauty product samples available for the asking? Redbook magazine suggests a plethora of options (yeah, I phrase, but anyway...!) including:

* A 10-day supply of Estee Lauder foundations (ask at Estee Lauder counters)

* Lancome Hypnose Senses Eau de Parfum (check at Lancome counters for samples)

* Canyon Ranch Your Transformation Age Transforming Concentrate Serum (ask at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores)

* (This might be my favorite since I frequently travel) - "Psssssst On-the-Go Instant Spray Shampoo" - just log-on to I will follow-up on this one and let you know how it goes!

There are MANY more progduct samples available, but, in fairness to my sources, I will send you to Redbook (April '10 issue, pages 62 & 64) to search out the rest!
They also suggest asking for samples at different sources including Sephora stores, The Body Shop, Lancome counters, Origins stores and Dior counters...see?...tests can be fun!

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  1. OK readers! I did go online and request the free sample of the spray-on shampoo (no water required!)...It will take 6-8 weeks until it arrives so no review on that for awhile! Did anyone get any of the other freebies?