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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Punching out & serving Punch!

Summer barbecues and outdoor dining aren't too far off (well, maybe longer for some of you up north - in Phoenix it's practically year-round), so here's something that is inexpensive to make and practical to use!

Make a great serving tray for drinks (& yes, I must admit this is a Martha Stewart suggestion from her April '10 issue). All you need are are self-adhesive cork shelf liner a decorative craft punch (be sure that the punch's slot is wide enough to fit around the shelf liner), hand-held hole punch and a smooth serving tray.

Punch out decorative shapes and holes from cork liner to cover the tray in a pattern of your choice. Peel the backing off the cork liner and stick the shapes on the tray.

The effect is a cute tray that you can serve beverages on and the cork absorbs condensation and keeps the glasses from sliding around while you carry it! Finally a simple "Martha-ism"! (FYI - I love her ideas, just don't have the stamina to take a lot of her projects on...)

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