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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Money Laundering? Well...sort of!

The April '10 issue of "Redbook Magazine" provides several great ways to save both time and money while you do your laundry (get it? money laundering? I'm a lost cause and will never write the great American novel!)...

First, stop "over-laundering" - don't wash items that you've barely worn - just air them out on a hanger and wear one more time!

When you do wash them, measure your detergent according to the label (too much is a waste and not good for your washing machine either!)...Choose shorter cycles and cold will be green (saving electricity) and also save money.

Don't dry clothes longer than is really necessary...air-dry whenever possible - good for the environment, the wallet and the fabrics/colors!

For other hints, check out p.214 of this particular issue!

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