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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring is in the Air and on the Wall!

If you're like me, spring breezes in and I suddenly want everything to be renewed...My hair? New style (or color!) time! My yard? Flowers are a must (well maybe NOT since I seem to wilt them with a mere glance!)... But above all, I feel this sudden urge to redecorate our home. "Redbook" (3/10) has a great idea - hang an inexpensive but bright or uniquely patterned rug on a wall. They advise it can cut sound and add texture to a room's decor...To save your walls, they recommend using decorating Velcro along with a strip of appropriately strong wood to allow you to hang the rug like a heavy painting (or tapestry). I'm off to check IKEA or Target - Spring is in the air and I will be ready this year!

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