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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall for fall with some easy crafts...

Ok, so admittedly I am not usually a Martha Stewart fan, but I do occasionally find myself falling (no pun intended) in love with some of her ideas (and recipes!). In this case, her most recent issue (also available on provides an easy, yet classic, decoration for your Thanksgiving table! She calls it "Flaming Foliage" and here are the easy (3-step) instructions:

*Spray adhesive
*Assorted dried leaves
*Glass candleholders

1) Apply spray adhesive to backs of the leaves.
2) Wrap leaves around candleholder, letting the stem of each extend slightly past the base.
3) Cut off leaf over-hang along bottom of candleholder and put candles in holder - leaves look like flames when candle is lit!

Thanks, table will look amazing!

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