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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hey, I met some other penny pinchers today!

Yes, I am behind on posting, but meeting 3 women today prompted me to get back in gear again! I was an hour early (yes, I did plan that!) to wait in line for a free "Culture Pass" for the zoo from my local Phoenix library hand I had my CDs to return...(free iPod music...score!)and a free coffee from Starbucks (courtesy of turning in my empty coffee bean bag)...But stories from the 3 ladies I met in line remind me of why I write this blog...

Joanne took her grand-kids on a tour of Northern AZ gathering "junior ranger badges" as they inexpensive yet fun and educational trip! Check out: (This program is for all national parks in the US!)

Yvonne knew all of the "ins and outs" of the Culture passes and other deals to get into metro area museums and events...

All four of us (and yes, 4th member of the crew...I apologize profusely for not recalling your name but I do remember YOU!) shared bargain ideas from Goodwill deals to grocery shopping to movie and book deals and favorites...

We are all in this together and don't forget that!!! Please feel free to share on any topic and request topics for me to cover (shout out to Yvonne...I will be looking for great travel/tour deals soon)!

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