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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Too much info?

The Oct. 15-17th issue of USA Weekend covers a very important issue given the fact that so many of us are job-hunting (yes, including me!) in this tough and very competitive economy! I am a regular user of FaceBook and LinkedIn, but it's easy to forget that prospective employers (or your current employer) may be checking your posts...don't post anything you wouldn't want them to see or take the wrong way! Your future may depend on it!

The article suggests a few ways to help with this image-building:

* Sign up at to get e-mail notifications whenever your name appears on line. And if Google doesn't show anything, try to see if any blogs out there are mentioning you!

* Generate more positive information about yourself (create a blog, sign up for LinkedIn, etc.) to create a more professional reputation.

* Put privacy settings on your FaceBook or MySpace pages to be sure you only allow people on there that you want to see your posts!

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