Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas in July?

I admit it! I am one of those annoying people who shop year-round for the holidays...why not catch a great sale on Memorial Day or Labor Day? I hate the lines and chaos that hit in November and December - I'd rather sip hot chocolate and watch "White Christmas" and enjoy my holidays.

So, given my mindset on this topic, I am offering some ideas for holiday gifts (but you can always use them as hostess gifts, birthday gifts, etc.)! Once again, Martha (check out for more ideas) has some great ideas for creating gift packages or baskets.

For example:

* Buy some classic board games (checkers, scrabble, Twister, puzzles, etc.) - stack several together and tie with a wide, colorful bow. Great gift for a family at the holidays!

* Bar in a box? Why not? Martha suggests putting items such a cocktail napkins, paper straws, coasters, a cocktail recipe book, cocktail shaker, mixed nuts and umbrella picks (or other similar types of items together on a wooden tray and wrapping it with cellophane and a bow. Very chic for a housewarming party, shower gift or hostess gift!

Some of my own suggestions:

* Basket for babies (everyone does the toys or clothes, but what about a rubber duckie, baby lotion/shampoo, towel, etc. placed inside a baby tub?)

* A colorful canvas bin (the kind you see at Target to slide in sectioned shelves) could be filled with a selection of paper, scissors, stamps and similar goodies for your friends who are fanatical about

The possibilities are endless - pasta kits, wine & cheese baskets, baskets for jewelery-makers, pet-owners' goodies in a dog dish, coffee & tea basket, a spa set, movie package (popcorn, candy, and rental coupons, a watering can with gardening items...You get the idea!

None of these have to break the bank either...look for sales (yes, throughout the year!), coupons, and great deals at places like Michael's, JoAnn's or Tuesday Morning. Even your local dollar stores are likely to have items perfect for these occasions. Watch out! I may just have changed your perspective on Christmas in July!

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