Friday, July 29, 2011


OK, this is my 401st post in 2 years of writing my blog...It's been awhile since I actively solicited ideas for topics from my let's do it again for old-time's sake!

My overall theme is "penny-pinching" - getting good deals, DIY projects, and ways to improve your health and lifestyle at a minimal price (better yet for free!). I've covered pets, couponing, vacation ideas, gift ideas, hobbies, name it! Aha...but that's what's missing!!! You haven't named it!

What would you like to have covered in the blog? What do you think would interest people enough that they would also follow my blog? I have seven regular followers and I hope that I've kept your interest over time! To help me continue to do so, post your ideas and don't forget to post your comments on any of the things I write about. I'd love for this to be a forum for sharing these ideas as well!

Thanks for your support and (in advance) for your ideas!

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