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Monday, May 4, 2009

Charity starts at home...(and in school!)

OK...I am just a shameless bum this week, but hey, I have a really big job interview so bear with me. I can't save money if I don't earn any! When I wrote my blog on charitable giving when you really can't afford it, I inadvertently left out another great organization! Check out to make donations to educational projects of your choice in your school district or even another one.

And, why you ask, did I suddenly remember this site? Well, I've donated on it in the past, but as I am on their email list, I also received an early birthday card with the following write-up (also had a cute birthday cake on it, but didn't know how to move it from e-mail into my blog...oh well!):


Okay, maybe it's not just yet. No matter the date, we hope you'll ask for the best gift of all from your friends and family: help for public school kids.

To join The "Give-Back" Birthday Party:

Create your very own Giving Page, filled with classroom projects you love. Takes 1 minute.

Share your page with friends and family. They can then donate to it as your birthday gift.

Celebrate! You've used your special day to give back, and that's a great reason to party.

Please consider donating your birthday today, even if it's a few months away. It's your birthday and you'll start celebrating if you want to!"

So please check out this great site...there's a lot of kids and teachers that will be glad you did!

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