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Sunday, May 17, 2009

How low can you go?

OK, even I have my limits as to penny-pinching! Some of these are just plain wacko! These are some cheapskate profiles I found on AOL's "WalletPop" link.

Buy One, Get One Free:

"One day, three of us at work went to lunch at a pizza joint. We were in line ordering. The first co-worker in line ordered, paid and went to sit down. Next was my cheap friend. He presented a buy-one-get-one-free coupon. He said, 'My friend that just ordered is with me, so I guess I'm the free one.' He never offered to go half with the other co-worker."

Flowers From the Grave:

"I know someone who would go to the cemetery, get the flowers off the graves and make a bouquet of flowers for his wife at different occasions. This went on for a couple of years until she found out."

Loving the Lost and Found:

"For the four years he worked at a national park, my stepson dressed from the park's lost and found pile."

Never Pays for Anything:

"I have a single friend who eats at all the happy hour places she can find for free and just orders water with a lemon slice. She gets the iced tea 50 cent refill at Starbucks until the plastic cup falls apart, takes her own food into the movie theater, and insists on splitting a meal every time we go out. For presents she either buys them at the Dollar Tree or takes the kiddie menus and crayons at restaurants, soaps and shampoos at hotels, free goodies at the banks in her town and gives them as gifts. She thinks nothing of giving you a gently used item as a gift."

Reused Salad Dressing:

"I used to have friends who were so cheap that after you finished having salad at their house, they would funnel the leftover salad dressing in the bottom of everyone's salad bowl back into the bottle to be used again. Gross, needless to say. I brought my own salad dressing after that and just told them I like mine better."

And, along these same lines, about a month ago, the Arizona Republic had an article on ways to dine out for free. The writer goes to Costco and the supermarkets on days when samples are out and goes table to table...He orders water at happy hour and eats the free appetizers (or at a Mexican restaurant, the chips and salsa)...granted you can get away with it, but a bit tacky for my taste!

Any funny stories along these lines you'd like to share? Add a comment and let us know!

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