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Friday, May 29, 2009

Donations on a dime!

Another short entry, but powerful information! Awhile ago, I wrote about charitable giving when you are short on cash yourself. Well, I've thought of a few other opportunities to do just that!

* When you buy specially-marked boxes of Cheerios, you can get a code to enter on - this makes a donation of $1.00 to help low-income women get cholesterol tests.

* During certain campaigns, Yoplait Yogurt sells it's yogurt cups with pink foil tops - those tops, when cleaned and mailed to the address indicated, are worth $ to women's breast cancer research.

* And check out
This site allows you to click daily (you'll see the big purple button to click!) - for each click the site's sponsors pay for food and care of animals. And 100% of the sponsor money goes to charities related to animals. At the top of the site's home page there are tabs for other charities as well related to hunger, child health, breast cancer, literacy and the rainforest.

These are all simple ways to give when you least can afford it!

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