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Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Tunes and a Digital Book for the Holiday Weekend!

This is an offer worth a few minutes of your time before the Memorial Day weekend officially starts!


You get 25 FREE song downloads and 1 free audiobook download for absolutely no money down! It requires you to sign-up for a trial account for 7 days with no obligation and if you cancel, you get to keep your downloads. You will have to give a credit or debit card number in case you: (a) go over the allotted number of free downloads and/or (b) decide to stick with the program (their songs are only 25 cents each BUT you will be asked to select from a number of monthly programs, i.e. pay for "x" number of downloads/month).

Their prices are reasonable but despite the "choose from over 5 million songs" tagline, you may have a lot of difficulty (I sure did!) finding anything current or popular in their library (and no, I am not a music snob but it is tough...they often don't have contracts with the labels or artists you may want because they are trying to keep their prices low...admirable, but a bit limiting in my opinion). The audiobook selection is a bit more current and well worth a second look! And, also to their credit, their selection is not only compatible with most MP3 players, it also will download into iTunes if you have an account.

What a fun way to start a 3-day holiday weekend!

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