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Friday, May 15, 2009

Online Finds!

So I found some good deals from a recent magazine (sorry, can't remember which one...but I saved the clipping!). Check out these sites for some interesting $ savers!
Post 10 DVD titles and you start receiving credit...check the site for details!
Allows you to get an ID tag for your recylcing bin. When it's scanned and contents are weighed, you earn points for coupons and gift certificates to participating retailers (not available in all markets, but it does give info on how to get your community up and running in the program)!
Register your name and home address to remove yourself from mailing lists for credit card offers, coupon circulars and catalogs (OK...kind of hate to see the coupons disappear...wonder if you can keep those?!)...
Join your local Yahoo! group to search for free items (old furniture, clothing, toys, etc.) Items are all free and you can clear your own clutter by giving it away on the site as well!

Let us know if you try any of these sites...TGIF!

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