Friday, June 19, 2009

Cutting the Tab when Eating Out

I've covered a number ways to save money when dining out (the Entertainment Book, coupons, and, but ran across a few additional ones suggested by Donna L. Montaldo at

* If you are trying an expensive restaurant, go for a late lunch rather than go when the higher-priced dinner menu is out.

* If you are taking kids along, check for kids' night deals - i.e. free kid's meals for each adult entree purchased.

* Limit purchases of alcoholic beverages - they really add to your bill!

* Take home a doggie bag of leftovers - gives you an extra lunch or dinner and makes the cost of dining out more palatable.

* Ordering a meal at a nice restaurant and splitting it with a friend or spouse may actually be cheaper than both of you buying a meal at a fast food place.

* If you want the ambiance of dining out without the expense, go to a nice place, order a house salad, a nice appetizer, water with a lemon slice and get refills on the free bread!

* Seniors - don't be afraid to shave $ off your bill by playing the age card!

Any other suggestions?

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