Sunday, June 7, 2009

Save Some Green & Be Green

I obviously like to save money and, to some extent, work to be "green" - we recycle (Phoenix as a great program and picks up once a week). I use reusable containers when storing leftovers. And I try to get all of my driving done in one trip to avoid driving more than necessary. Where I fall short is on my constant use of paper towels (back to that "I have too many dogs" excuse!) and I still buy bottled water...(and I'm certain there are lots of other things I should be doing, but don't).

The April '09 issue of "Woman's Day" (p.16) had a great feature on this particular topic. A few of the suggestions include:

* Ditching paper towels and using a sponge or old kitchen towels instead.

* Buy the smaller size concentrated liquid laundry detergent (cuts back on packaging)

* Cut 5 minutes from your daily shower (this saves water and your water bill!)

* Use old loofahs to scrub your tub.

* Attach a scratched DVD or CD to a child's bike as a safety reflector.

For more ideas along this line, check the cited issue or go

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  1. I always buy select-a-size paper towels. They are perforated so that you can use half of a regular paper towel if you don't need a whole one. I find that usually half of a paper towel is sufficient for the job at hand. It's a great way to save money, and use less paper without giving up the convenience of paper towels.

    For spills that would take more than 2 paper towels, I always tell the kids to grab an old kitchen towel instead.