Sunday, June 14, 2009

Money Savers - in your home or out and about!

The Arizona Republic recently published some ideas sent in by readers re: how "to save money in difficult times." Some were a bit over the top, but here are some that are worth a try!

* Plant a vegetable garden - inexpensive to do and you reap the rewards later! (pun intended!)

* Turn off your water heater in the summer (ok - perhaps down, vs off?)

* When your doctor prescribes a medication for you or a family member, request samples first - saves on an initial prescription fee or puts it off a bit!

* Bake your own bread - the smell alone is worth it!

* Sign up for birthday deals at restaurants (& retailers - Barnes & Noble and Borders both offer great birthday deals!)

* Do laundry/wash dishes at off-peak times for electricity.

* Bring your own coffee to work!

What, you ask, did I consider a bit over the top? Here are a couple:

* Take the kids to see the "stuffed animals" at Cabela's - might entertain them, but my hubby would want to shop!

* Send Christmas postcards vs. cards...ok, if you are out to save money on this, send email cards!

* Turn brown paper bags inside out and use them as scrap or drawing or wrapping paper! (ok - admittedly have used Sunday comics pages as wrapping paper for a kid's gift in the past!)

* Don't wear your shoes in the house to save wear and tear on your floor...mmmm...I'm not wearing cleats! But technically in the the long run they might be correct.

Share your ideas with us! (and any good bread recipes!) :)

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