Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spend Some to Save Some

We all have made purchases of certain things for which we (and our budgets) are forever thankful! Today, I thought I'd address a few of those that over the past few years have been "priceless"!

* An extra freezer: It wasn't too expensive to begin with (fyi, paid for it with proceeds from a garage sale a number of years ago), but it saves me lots of grocery money by allowing me to stock up during sales. It is also great for when I bake since I can make a double batch and freeze one.

* Home Warranty: OK, so the price seems a bit daunting when the bill rolls around each year, but they do allow us to break it into 3 payments! For just under $600 per year, we have warranty service on most aspects our home's plumbing, electrical work, spa, air-conditioning, roof, etc. And not a single year (out of seven!)has passed that we haven't used that service. We pay $50 on a service call and anything covered by the warranty is fixed or replaced at no additional charge. We have had two air-conditioning units replaced, electrical rewiring, roof work, plumbing and replaced a hot water heater. Not a bad deal at all!

* Water purifier: In Phoenix where our water is safe but by no means a beverage of choice, this is a "must". We use it for drinking water at home (and making coffee!). If I were true to my blog, I would probably also be refilling water bottles and stop buying bottled water...just haven't been moved to go to that level though.

Those are the top ones that come to mind, but I'm sure another day I will add to this! I would like to note that the espresso machine, while occasionally used, has not yet replaced my yen for lattes! No, I no longer go to Tully's or Starbucks daily or even once a week, but I lean toward my "regular" coffeemaker versus wrestling with that other contraption in the early mornings!

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